Role: Exhibition design, identity
With: Andrew Rebatta (curator), Sopie Lo (marketing), Herb Tam (curator)
Organization: Museum of Chinese in America
Exhibition branding and ancillary material for the show, FOLD: Golden Venture Paper Sculptures featuring the meticulously crafted work of Chinese refugees, created during their incarceration under the U.S. government as they awaited the outcome of their asylum applications. These men were survivors of the Golden Venture, a freighter that ran aground on the beach at Fort Tilden in the Rockaways of Queens, NY in 1993. The ship contained Chinese refugees, ten of whom drowned in their attempt to reach the shore when the ship ran aground. The incarceration of these asylum seekers was the first time refugees were detained in prisons.

The type driven exhibition branding evokes the isolation of the Chinese detainees created by their incarceration and ambiguous legal status. 


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